Android Malware is already breaking Android 13 security features

The release of Android 13 came with a lot of security against malware. However, after just a short period, Android malware is already breaking past the operating system’s new security features. 

Android Malware strikes again

Reported by Android Police, new methods have been created to bypass Android 13’s anti-malware tools. Created by hacker group Hakkoden, the tool is yet another dangerous reality of gaming on Android. 

If you often sideload games and apps into your android phone, you can be exploited by this new hack. The exploit, called Bugdrop, can bypass Google’s security features and accessed vital information on your phone. 

Bugdrop, once launched on an android phone, can bypass access into the accessibility options on a phone. Once broken into, hackers can remote control your device. Furthermore, details such as bank information might be uncovered.

This is a very dangerous tool. However, it is currently not 100% functional on Android. As it turns out, there are still some limitations to bypass. 

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What it can’t do 

Currently, the new Android Malware can bypass Google’s filters, but it can’t install new software. Once launched, the malware application is unable to install more software onto your device. 

Hadoken discovered that Bugdrop is unable to request the “REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES” permission. This means that Bugdrop can steal data, but not give you even more malware to deal with. 

Hopefully, Google will find ways of patching Bugdrop out of Android 13. However, while it does that, Hadoken will be attempting to shatter its security even more. 

What do you think about these new malware tools on Android 13? Have you encountered malware in the past? Tell us your thoughts on the new hacking tools in the comments below! Oh, and don’t forget, stay safe when sideloading apps!

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