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Android PSVita emulator Vita3K officially starts development

The emulation scene gets a new challenger with the first Android PSVita emulator. Currently in very early development, this emulator will allow the PlayStation Vita to live on via mobile. 

First Android PSVita emulator enters development 

As reported on Reddit, the PC emulation platform Vita3K is coming to Android. A port of the brilliant PC software, this emulator will let you play PlayStation Vita games on Android in the future. 

Of course, this is still in very early development. While Vita emulation is in a good place on PC, it’s still in a very early state. Unlike the best PS2 emulators or the best 3DS emulators, there’s not years of programming here. Instead, it’s relatively new. 

Nevertheless, the Android PSVita emulator looks promising. Currently, the Vita3K port has a working Vulcan renderer that can render its own GUI. Yes, this isn’t much, but it’s impressive for now. 

According to one comment, the challenge of creating this emulator will be porting Vita3K’s Dynarmic CPU emulation to Android’s ARM64. While this has been done with other emulators, it’s no easy feat. 

When will it release? 

There’s no current release date for the Android version of Vita3K, and we shouldn’t expect it to be anytime soon. Even if the Android PSVita emulator releases, it could be years until it’s fully playable. 

After all, the best Android Nintendo Switch emulator Skyline has been out for around nine months. However, that software has only just been able to run Super Mario Odyssey (a first party game) at 60fps. Even then, it has a host of visual glitches. 

Emulation development takes a lot of time, even if you’re truly knowledgable about the systems you’re working with. With this in mind, let the developer work without hassle. Plenty of emulation devs have abandoned projects due to fan whining. 

It’s hard not to be excited about Vita3K on Android, though. With fantastic games like Persona 4 Golden available on the system, Android gamers are about to get a huge library of brilliant games. 

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