Androminion – The Dominion card game now available for Android

Sifting through the Android Market as I usually do in the mornings, looking for new games to try out, I noticed one called Androminion. At first I wasn’t going to take a look at it but for whatever reason I decided otherwise. Developed by Ankur Mehta, Androminion is the Android version of the award winning strategy card game, Dominion.

Unlike most card games where you use cards out of your pre-built deck (Magic the Gathering etc etc), the goal of this game is to build your deck which represents your dominion. You can use cards from your deck or hand to help progress through the game and turns alternate between buying cards and using cards in your hand. At the end of the game the player with the most Victory Points wins the match.


  • Touch Screen controls
  • Easy layout for playing
  • All cards from the Dominion game
  • All cards from the Seaside Expansion
  • All cards from the Intrigue Expansion
  • 2 AI players that generally are not easy to beat


At first the game may seem a bit confusing so you will definitely want to read the in-game instructions or possibly head to the original game’s website which features all the official rules. You can also check out Dominion’s Wikipedia page as well should you want more information on the cards or how to play. To keep things interesting, each game consists of ten randomly selected cards from the total amount. This means each game will always be different.

Unless you’ve played the actual game don’t expect to sit down and win right away. It is a challenging game and it takes a bit of learning to get good at it, especially since the cards are different each game. If you like really challenging games then head over to the Android Market and grab this one for free, it’ll definitely eat up a bit of your free time.

Developer Website: Ankur Mehta

Direct Market Link: Androminion

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