AndTournament is a handy little utility application for gamers to hold tournaments and keep track of ladders. Developed by Nicolas ‘plusminus’ Gramlich over at, this is a database driven utility that runs off your Android phone which is perfect for things like LAN-parties so you can do everything on your phone letting you concentrate on important stuff, like gaming!

First, read the instructions. This is important because the beginning tutorial will show you how to set up a tournament from start to finish including creating the database, inserting teams and their tags and inputting the match results.

You can use this for just about anything that needs a ladder or can run a tournament and isn’t really held to the gaming industry. You could use it for sports like football but the main goal is for gaming. You can set up a Counter-Strike Tournament or maybe a Halo Ladder? You can set up a tournament or ladder for just about every game available on the Android market (hint hint developers).

While at first it may seem a bit intimidating, especially for people who aren’t regular users of databases or used to that sort of technical stuff, the instruction will walk you through the entire process and if you need any help, you can refer back to them at any time or email the developer. Even better, if anyone wants to view the data of a tournament they can by using any browser and connecting through WiFi.

This is a truly convenient utility, so much so that we here at Droid Gamers will probably be using it to start hosting gaming competitions here in the very near future! You can grab this great application off the Android market for around $2.96USD and if you ever need any support you can always email the developer or head over to the great forums at

Just think, with all the new high powered phones and Google TV, there will be a whole lot of Android gaming going on, think about all the possible competitions!

Developer Website: Anddev

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