Angels and Demons will be fighting it out soon in Human Inside

Succubus Interactive has been around the gaming scene for around 10 years but chances are you’ve probably never heard of them. This is because they generally make serious or educational games for corporations or work on projects in conjunction with other game studios. You’re about to get excited about them though now.

Why is that? That is because they are working on a Diablo-style 3D RPG game called Human Inside where demons and angels will be fighting it out. The tone is something straight out of the World of Darkness which, for any of the table top RPG fans out there, it pretty awesome. The entire landscape is dark with a flair of gothic to it almost like you find in BioShock but without the steampunk elements. A better way to explain it would be like Hellgate, BioShock and Diablo hooked up and gave birth to Human Inside.

The gameplay is action-rpg so after slaying legions of demons and all that good stuff you’ll be picking up more quests (main quests and side quests) and weapons/gear before going back out to slay more demons and completing objectives. As shown in the screenshot, the controls are touchscreen with your main set being a virtual joystick and a couple of buttons. The game will be starting off easy and will progressively get harder not just in the monsters you’ll be facing but how well you perform in the game as well with shooting.

Since they are developing this game for the mobile arena, the developers have main each quest take, usually, 5-10 minutes to complete. This means you can sit down and go hardcore in this game for an hour or two straight or you can just bang off a quest here and there while you’re on the go.

Human Inside is still under development so no exact release date has been announced but hopefully we get to see this game released before the end of this year. It’s geared towards tablets but will be playable on phones as well. Multiplayer at some point would make this just slightly more awesome than it already is.

Developer Website: Succubus Interactive (French)

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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