Angry Birds continues to take over the world. Gets 6.5 million downloads Christmas Day

The Angry Birds fever continues to spread, with reports of the franchise reaching record numbers. Rovio’s Ville Heijari, reports on All Things D that an astounding 6.5 million people downloaded the popular bird flicking game on their devices during Christmas Day.

These number spans from all three Angry Birds titles – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. Considering that both Android and iOS devices are one of the few sought after devices for Christmas it’s not entirely surprising. Angry Birds has been nesting on smart phones for almost two years now, and with Rovio’s constant level addition, the company has ensured that the addicted will stay glued to the franchise.

The push for world domination will continue as well even though one of the Angry Birds games has ended, that one being Rio, Rovio still has plans to make more Angry Birds themed games including a rumored Mario Kart style game. There is also all the toys, cookbooks, a TV Series, a feature movie and plenty of fans feeding fuel to the fire such as the one pictured above. Oh Rovio, what have you done to society?

Website Referenced: AllThings D

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