Angry Birds Rio Airfield Chase update now available on the Amazon App Store

Continuing on with news about the Amazon App Store but on a much lighter note, Angry Birds Rio has just received an update called Airfield Chase. This new update takes place on the airfield where, in the movie, the main characters chase the poachers onto the airfield before they take off to escape.

So what does this new update to Angry Birds Rio contain? Here’s the list:

  • 15 new levels in Chapter 9 with Chapter 10 labeled, “Coming Soon”
  • New hidden fruits in the form of Apples (seven hidden throughout Chapter 9)
  • Big Brother is now unlocked
  • The 17/15 watermelon bug that was introduced with the Golden Beachball episode has been fixed.



So for all you fans who have been waiting for a new update and use the Amazon App Store to enjoy the ad-free version of Angry Birds Rio, you can update your game now and get playing the new levels. Everyone else will have to wait until the game update reaches the Android Market which shouldn’t be that long of a wait at all, maybe even later today!

Website Referenced: AngryBirdsNest

Amazon Market Link: Angry Birds Rio

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