Angry Birds Rio gets updated with 12 new bonus levels

While Angry Birds Space is more than likely consuming a large amount of your time right now, if you are an Angry Birds fan that is, Rovio hasn’t forgotten about any of their other Angry Birds games and they have pushed out an update for Angry Birds Rio.

This particular update happens to be pretty straightforward. So what does the update come with? Even though there are no new episodes in this update, there are 12 new bonus levels for you to play. All 12 levels are not directly available but instead you have to earn them through in-game achievements whether it is finishing all the levels in an episode or by finding all the fruit in a certain episode.

Changelog for Angry Birds Rio version 1.4.4:

– Open 12 amazing new bonus levels through in-game achievements!
– Unlock the bonus levels for an episode by finishing all the levels or collecting all the fruit in that episode!
– Complete all the levels and collect all the fruit to open all 12 bonus levels!
– This is not the final update for Angry Birds Rio, so stay tuned!

As you can tell by the last point in the changelog, Rovio plans to push out more updates for Angry Birds Rio in the future. It should be interesting to see how Rovio tries to keep this movie themed version of Angry Birds relevant for as long as possible.

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