Angry Birds Rio revealed by Rovio, based off the upcoming motion picture

Well this came out of left field. Rovio just announced another version of Angry Birds which is slated to be released onto all App stores in March. Called Angry Birds Rio, it is a combined product of Rovio and 20th Century Fox working together to bring an Angry Birds game themed around the upcoming movie “Rio”.

Along with the official announcement, Rovio has released a trailer as well. While the trailer is more of a movie/cartoon, it is still pretty interesting to watch and possibly a peek into what the Angry Birds movie might look like.

The game will have 45 dedicated levels based around the upcoming Rio movie and will be available for phones and tablets. Other then that, we will have to wait and see if Rovio gives up any more information or a sneak peek at the actual levels. Enjoy the video. Don’t forget, Angry Birds Seasons should be getting an update soon with the Valentine’s theme.

Developer Website: Rovio

Video Courtesy of VentureBeat

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