Angry Birds Rio updated with 26 new tree themed levels to play

Angry Birds Rio is still getting the occasional content update and a new one has landed on Google Play with an additional 26 levels in total to play through. The update, named Timber Tumble, brings 20 new levels located in and on top of trees. Doing the math, this means that there are 6 bonus levels for your to earn/find in this new update as well.

There is also a new power-up that comes along with this update that will summon a flock of birds, rather colorful ones at that, which will deal a ton of damage to one specific location that you aim them at. Colorful power-up? Yes. Effective power-up? Depends on the situation.

For those of you loyal enough to Angry Birds Rio to still be playing it, you can scoop up this update off of Google Play right now.

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