Angry Birds Rio Volley Ball update now live… on the Amazon App Store.

Well here is a bit of a different way to do an update. Unlike Angry Birds Seasons where the Amazon App Store paid version didn’t see an update for Easter until almost a week after it rolled out onto the Android Market version, Angry Birds Rio on the Amazon App Store got the Volley Ball update first.

While the reasoning behind this isn’t known just yet, we can speculate that it was first due to the approval process with Amazon and wanting to time the update a bit better for all version. It could also be because Rio was originally exclusive to Amazon App Store and still is if you want the to pay for no ads in-game. Either way though, the update is now live for those of you who have the Amazon App Store version.

So what comes in this new update? 30 new levels in the new episode called Beach Volley Ball. On top of that there are more achievements and trophies to find and earn! A pretty decent sized update. The Android Market version should be going live soon as well but for you lucky people who have the add free version from Amazon, time to update!

Developer Website: Rovio

Amazon Market Link: Angry Birds Rio

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