Angry Birds Seasons update coming May 16th and will be called Abra-ca-bacon

Rovio has finally released details about when the next Angry Birds Seasons update will be hitting Android devices. This update we’ve talked about a few times in the past mainly due to the fact that a new game mechanic will be introduced with this update and that is Portals. They work just like you think they will. Flinging a bird into one portal will transport it to another location on the stage where your bird will come out of.

Aside from the new game mechanic, Abra-Ca-Bacon will feature 30 new levels for players to work their way through while utilizing these new portals. On top of that there will be six additional levels that you will be able to unlock as you progress through this update. Blocks and other environmental objects can also be propelled through one portal and out the other with the hopes of hitting a pig or two.

So for all of you waiting for this new update, it will be available for download on May 16th, 2013.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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