Angry Birds Space updated with 30 water filled levels to splash your way through

A few days ago during CES 2013 Rovio pushed out an update for their Angry Birds Space game that tosses the birds into a whole new galaxy that happens to be filled with water… lots and lots of water. This means you will also have to deal with the physics of the water as well as the physics you find in space.

In total there are 30 new levels to splash your way through with plenty of pigs sitting in boats for your to sink. Rovio also hints at new ways one of the Angry Birds react to water as well as one of the new power-ups, specifically the Ice Bird and the Pig Puffer power-up.

Speaking of power-ups, there are new ones available with this update: Flock of Birds, Space Egg and the Pig Puffer which we just mentioned. The Flock of Birds unleashes a flock of birds that causes mass destruction, the Space Egg creates black holes and the Pig Puffer makes the pigs expand. There also happens to be anew boss underwater for you to defeat.

Lastly, as with almost all updates, there are new bonus levels you can unlock. In this case if you manage to get three stars on all the levels, you’ll gain access to three additional bonus levels. If you haven’t spotted the update already and downloaded it, you can do so now since the update is live.

Google Play Link: Angry Birds Space

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