Thursday Morning WTF: Angry Birds to invade your favorite real sporting event soon

While this may not be entirely Android related, well not yet anyways, Rovio has teamed up with Uplause and will be bringing Angry Birds to a sporting event near you fairly soon. This is continuing on the path to global domination by Rovio in all facets of our lives.

So what the hell is it now that we are talking about? Well apparently Uplause and Rovio have teamed up to bring a social interactive Angry Birds game which will be played at various sporting events very soon. Based on crowd participation, this new version of Angry Birds will use the noise a crowd makes to generate the power of the slingshot in-game in order to shoot an angry bird. We are going to guess that aiming, however will be automatic of course unless they some how get 20,000 screaming fans at a sporting even to scream “20 degrees upwards”.

This new crowd enabled version of Angry Birds will be shown off at the Formula 1 races in Singapore this weekend and after that it will go globally wherever Uplause services are used at sporting events that do those crowd cheering animations on big screens. Oh did we mention they will also be bringing this to Rock concerts as well? Nothing can escape the grasp of Angry Birds, now even a rock concert and certainly not your sanity.

To get an idea of what Uplause does, check out the video above to get an idea about the whole crowd cheering animations at sporting events. I would love to see something like this at a PGA tour while people are playing, I may actually watch Golf then. We are sure this will get tied into Android somehow, perhaps we will be able to shout at our phones soon to shoot our Angry Birds at some pigs.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Rovio

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