Angry Birds update coming soon – In-app purchases for Mighty Eagle, no Ads

Angry Birds developers, Rovio, decided to spill the beans about the upcoming update to the Android version at a press conference today. The big feature that is coming: in-game purchases! To be available first in Finland and then spreading elsewhere, Rovio will be introducing in-game purchases for two major features users have been asking for.

First, you will have the ability to purchase the Mighty Eagle. This bird will wipe out an entire level, should you be stuck on one, giving you a 3 star rating. You will only have to purchase this bird once but there is a cool down time between uses, rumored to be 24hrs.

The second feature will be to let players get rid of ads in-game. For a small fee, you will be able to remove ads from inside Angry birds. This is an impressive move by Rovio as they stated a few days ago that ad revenue was about to hit the 1 million dollar mark… per month! Should a lot of users do this, it could really make a dent in that income.

It’s good to see a company listening to their players and even though it may result in the company making less money via ads, it makes the players happy. The payment system will be through Elisa, at least in Europe, which allows for carrier billing. Not sure if they will go with Elisa for the US or not but the plan is to make all purchases easy and billing through your carrier.

When we find out the exact pricing for both option, we will update this post.

Developer Website: Rovio

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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