Angry Birds Update: Multiple Versions?

Well even though Rovio has stated that Angry Birds is still on track for release by the end of this week a new development has come forth in the way of a tip to PocketGamer. Apparently Rovio has a bit of a different plan for the Android version of Angry Birds but not with the gameplay itself as they are keeping it as true to the iPhone version as possible.

The change comes in the way of pricing… or the lack of.. .or both actually. According to PocketGamer who apparently have a full copy of the game right now the big news is… ads. Yes it seems as though Rovio may be playing around with the idea of having multiple full versions, one with ads and one without for people who would rather pay to have no ads.

“We’ll have to wait until the game’s Friday release to find out for sure, when we’re told that Rovio will reveal a “very interesting” pricing system.” – PocketGamers

Angry Birds full version is set to be unleashed onto the Android Market this Friday so it’ll be interesting to see what this pricing system is. When the initial full version is released the Mighty Eagle bird that was just included in the iPhone version as an in-game purchase will NOT be included either but should arrive in a future Angry Birds update once they figure out the best way to integrate it.

This could all be rumor and untrue though but as we have seen with a lot of titles on the Android Market, it is very possible its true. As long as it comes out on Friday I think a lot of people will be happy… ads or no ads. We will try to get more info before Friday’s release.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Developer Website: Rovio

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