Angry Mob Games brings a bunch of new content to Toysburg with a new update

Angry Mob Games has pushed out a big content update for their Toysburg game. This new update brings with it all kinds of new content for players to check out, but the biggest change is the addition of new toy buildings. Each toy now has its own building: Policeman has a huge Donut House, the Beaver has a Concert Stage, the Pirate a Music Shop inside his Ship and so on.

The addition of these new buildings greatly expands what players can do now in Toysburg. Before you would just create your own characters and take them out on adventures. Now you can do that plus decorate your own town with these new buildings. This also means your characters will now be able to interact with your decorated town in new ways.

Toysburg Update Features:

– The newly added Goodies Cart helps you find rare toys in a much more convenient way.
– You’re now able to skip quests, just in case you manage to get stuck, and can’t put together the right toys.
– The player hats now give you super useful boosts.
– The Factory district is now unlocked, bringing some epic quests with it, plus a new story twist.

Aside from the new buildings, players now have the Factory District unlocked which contains new quests and expands on the storyline of the game, new hats for additional boosts, the ability to skip quests you get stuck on, and a better way to find rare toys. All of this is now available with the new update which can be downloaded off of Google Play.


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