Anime fans rejoice, Toei Animation set to bring games to Android

If you enjoy watching Anime then you’ll be pleased to know that Toei Animation are planning to bring games to Android based on their various Anime shows. If you aren’t aware of who Toei Animation are, they are responsible for such gems as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Fist of the Northstar, Captain Harlock, and Digimon just to name a few.

While development hasn’t started on any of them yet, Toei Animation has confirmed that they will start releasing games this year based on their Anime shows. Considering the time it takes to make a good game, these will probably start hitting the Android Market in late summer or at least we are guessing it will be around that time.

Toei Animation wouldn’t go into specifics as to what exact titles will be made available but we can speculate that some of their more popular shows will be the first ones converted into games. All titles that are released will be for both phones and tablets as well. No word on what type of games these will be either but we are sure there will be a few RPGs in there. Anime cartoons make for good RPGs.

Website Referenced: Pockett (French)

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