Animoca brings Ultraman to Android in new Arcade-TCG style game Ultraman Galaxy

Animoca has released a new game onto Google Play today that brings the Ultraman franchise officially to Android. This new game, called Ultraman Galaxy, is actually a TCG style of game but at least these new games in this genre are coming up with new ways to play them and more animation.

Ultraman Galaxy is a TCG but plays out a little like an arcade game as well with combat having a slot machine style of play being integrated into it. There are over 400 different cards to collect which you will use to put your team together with. The entire Ultraman family is involved in this game as well so if you’re familiar with the franchise then you should recognize some of the other characters in this game.

Ultraman Galaxy Features:

– Awesome and addicting RPG-Puzzle game hybrid
– Choose and assemble your very own Ultraman Team
– Engage in an epic battle with familiar villains from the Ultraman Series
– Unique puzzle – slot machine combat mechanics
– Gem combos will determine the amount of damage that you’ll deal!
– Over 400+ Ultraman themed cards to collect and upgrade!
– Upgrade and Ultra Morph your cards for total puzzle domination!
– Play through over 100+ missions and Special events
– Invite friends to play with you through Facebook or by User ID

There is actually a lot to do in this game whether you’re running solo or playing with friends. This is mostly due to how much of a hybrid game this really is. If you’re up for checking out something a little different, Ultraman Galaxy can be downloaded off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Ultraman Galaxy

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