Animus – Harbinger is exactly like Dark Souls on Android

Animus - Harbinger Android

Out of nowhere, the folks behind Stand Alone and Ire: Blood Memory have released Animus – Harbinger. This is the latest in TENBIRDS’s Dark Souls-like hardcore RPG series.

This is easily the most beautiful entry in the franchise yet, with certain environments coming very close to the splendour of FromSoftware’s work.

Wish you could take Dark Souls on the go? Grab Animus – Harbinger instead

You play as a pilgrim who goes back in time to save the realm from Kerr the Breaker, Bringer of Nightmares.

That involves defeating a host of monsters to power-up so you can defeat even more powerful bosses. The cycle repeats until no one – but you – is left alive.

If you love Dark Souls, and wish you could take it on the go with you, grab Animus – Harbinger right now on Google Play.

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