Animus – Harbinger Unpacked is Now on Sale

Animus - Harbinger Android

Animus – Harbinger is best described as a mobile version of Dark Souls. What let it down on release were some sneaky IAPs to unlock and actually play the game.

Well, Animus – Harbinger Unpacked is 10Birds answer to these criticisms. You can enjoy the game plus the IAPs for a one-off purchase, and it’s on sale.

Animus – Harbinger is Mobile Dark Souls

Animus Harbinger is the tale of Forlon, a pilgrim tasked by the late King Cadmus to save the children of Qurrhem. To put this into English, stop Kerr the Bringer of Nightmares from destroying everything.

Animus Harbinger Unpacked is an RPG where you have no companions. It’s you and your trust axe, blade or hammer against hordes of monsters and giant bosses. It will take nerves of steel to go up against the monsters that lurk around every corner.

If you are interested in grabbing a cheap copy of Animus- Harbinger Unpacked, then you can do so from the Google Play store.

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