Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD drops Amazon exclusivity, now available on the Android Market

11 Bits Studios “Tower Offensive” style game called Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD was recently released exclusively onto the Amazon App Store back in December 2011. Well it seems the exclusive period is up and now this rather unique game is available on the Android Market as well.

This game takes the usual tower defense gaming genre and turns the tables on everything. Instead of having to build towers and defend your base from waves of enemies, in this game you take on the role of the invading force while your enemies are the ones with the towers. It is definitely a bit of a breath of fresh air when it comes to the tower defense genres. You will be in command of heavily armed squadrons and your goal is to break through the enemy’s defenses.

Anomaly Warzone Features:

– Experience a new type of tower defense game where you’re the attacking side
– Think tactically and choose the right squad, route, special weapons, and plan to guarantee success in Tower Offense strategy
– Gather resources strategically to buy and upgrade new and more powerful units
– Play for hours on end in engaging modes of play: Story Campaign and Squad Assault modes
– Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge graphics and atmospheric soundtrack

While being a tower offense game, there are some game mechanics involved similar to what you would find in an RTS type of game such as gathering resources in order to build new units or upgrade currently existing ones. It doesn’t play out like an RTS title though with having to mine for gold and things like that but the concept is pretty similar.

Anyone who loves tower defense games and is looking for something a little different will definitely want to pick this game up if you haven’t already from the Amazon App Store. It is available off the Android Market for $3.99.

Developer Website: 11 Bit Studios

Android Market Link: Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD

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