Another Eden is Holding a Crossover Event With Persona 5 on December 11

If you’re a fan of Another Eden and Persona 5, we’ve got good news for you: they’re crossing over in a brand new event.

When the event kicks off on December 11, you’ll be able to recruit the Joker and the Phantom Thieves into your party.

Another Eden is a Mobile Exclusive JRPG Developed by Chrono Trigger Veterans

They’ll join Aldo, Cyrus, and the rest of the Another Eden heroes in a brand new story episode that will be available for free.

You’ll need to have completed Chapter 2 to start the new story, though you’ll have to beat Chapter 13 to see it through to the bitter end.

In terms of playable characters, you can unlock Joker and Morgana permanently, while Skull, Panther, Fox, Queen, Navi, and Noir will make appearances.

If you haven’t heard of Another Eden yet, it’s a mobile-exclusive JRPG that was developed by veterans from Chrono Trigger.

You can grab it right now on Google Play. The Persona 5 crossover event will kick off on December 11.

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