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Calming Puzzler Antivine Is Out On Android

Feature image for our Antivine news. It shows an in-game screen of an island with overgrown ruins and large snapping plants.

The gorgeous-looking puzzle adventure Antivine has made the jump over to our favorite platform, and we’re here for the calming vibes of this walk through a fantasy world.

A lot of the games out there on the Android platform are there for instant thrills, things you can jump in quickly and get a quick rush of action.

Life In The Slow Lane

Then, you’ve got slower, more ponderous experiences. Enter Antivine, a game with echoes of Monument Valley, if its environments were designed by Studio Ghibli.

The game follows the footsteps of two characters. One is a boy slowly turning into a tree. He sets out to search for the Mountain God to find a curse for the curse. The journey brings him to the Chengying Plain. Here he finds a girl who lost her memory, and the two continue the quest together.

Antivine is a puzzle game where you need to rotate the isometric viewpoint around in a 3D space in order to navigate your way through the world.

Change The World

You move the characters around the map, but also manipulate the map itself, and that helps you advance. Plants become platforms to cross gaps. Water levels rise and fall, blocking off lower areas but raising lily pads and floating objects up to let your walk on them.

It’s all wrapped up in an art style that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. The characters explore the land as you do and react in wonder to what it offers them.

The English translations can be a little bit wonky. Even with that in mind, it’s hard not to feel charmed by this title’s simplicity and sincerity. It’s not all happy and relaxed though, you might find yourself in tears before the end.

If Antivine takes your fancy, you can check it out now on Google Play.

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