AOT: Retake – The Titan Anime Meets The Titan Gaming Platform

Roblox-style painting of Eren from AOT. He has a sombre expression and the background is a sharp flash of white and blue

Ever wanted to zip around in ODM gear and slay Titans without the deathly real-life commitment? Well, soon you can with the upcoming release of AOT: Retake. This Roblox project is being cooked up by Retake Studios, where on their Twitter we see plenty of updates and plans for AOT: Retake.

When Worlds Collide

I was a die-hard Attack On Titan fan in my teen years, and as a current Roblox fan, this game already looks promising for the player base. We see one of the devs effortlessly scale the current placeholder pillars for buildings, with really fluid movements and speed in a video shared to the R/Roblox SubReddit. It appears the controls will be nice and easy for players to get accustomed to when gliding and manoeuvring around the maps.

With the wall running mechanics looking fantastic, the studio has said their next project is the Titans themselves! I know I’m eager to see how they implement such freaky and diverse bodies into the game. If this game stays true to the anime, the Titans will surely stampede in a goofy yet terrifying manner. I hope we also get to see a range of titans similar to that of the anime, with different proportions and those ear-to-ear sinister grins.

A Closer Look

This passion project has a lot of love poured into it already, with the hard work of Guruu getting praise from the Studio after only a week of joining the team. In fact, Guruu is the person who recorded that sneak peek video shared earlier in this news.

We also get a look at some 3D clothes created for AOT: Retake which showcase the iconic Survey Corps uniform, which was made by the talented Spanishaux over on Twitter. More 3D clothing models appear to be in the making with the Survey Corps Cloak being teased, as well as Eren’s Commoner Clothes from early in the anime.

Don’t Miss Out!

The AOT: Retake project can be followed on the developer’s official Twitter page, where hopefully we see more sneak peeks and snapshots before the eventual release. If we get super lucky, all the pre-release fans may also get access to exclusive gear when the game launches! (Whenever that may be…!)

You know the drill, I now post some internal links for you to check out! Which, to be fair, this game looks like a frenzy in the absolute best way! So do you have what it takes to Become Potato Royalty In Brotato Update?

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