Apex Legends, the Titanfall battle royale, might come to mobile

Apex Legends Android

Apex Legends is a brand new battle royale game by EA and Respawn Entertainment, the folks behind the Titanfall franchise.

It’s literally just launched on consoles and PC (no Switch just yet) but EA is already talking about the inevitable mobile version.

Apex Legends might come to mobile with full cross platform support

Perhaps most exciting about this chat is the news that, much like Fortnite, it will feature cross-platform play. That means you can play with your friends no matter the device they’re playing on.

We obviously welcome this enormously. Mobile isn’t that far off consoles in terms of raw power and console games would give the platform a serious boost.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve learned more about this potential new launch. Here’s hoping more games launch across the platforms.

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