Apexicon is an RPG Puzzle combat game but not in the style that you’re thinking

Actos Games is currently working on a minimalistic looking fantasy-themed Puzzle-RPG title called Apexicon. When we first thing of a Puzzle-RPG title, we usually think it is an RPG mixed with match-3 puzzle gaming for its combat. That is usually the formula that most games in this genre follow. However, Apexicon doesn’t follow this at all.

While the puzzle part of the game does deal with the combat that happens within it, you won’t be trying to match three of the same item in order to unleash an attack, cast a spell or defend yourself. Instead the puzzle aspect of this game is more of a word search. Consider this a very early preview of the game.

There isn’t a whole lot of details regarding Apexicon right now, mainly because the game is still heavily under development. But we can take a few stabs at how the gameplay will play out. Since combat is based on words that you manage to spell from the available letters, we are going to guess that the bigger the word you spell, the stronger the attack you’ll do.

As for the storyline of the game and all that good stuff, we don’t know enough to comment on any of it right now. However the concept of this game is refreshing in that it isn’t just a match-3 Puzzle-RPG title like most in this genre are. As for when Apexicon will be released, no word on that just yet but development looks like it’s going smoothly so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Developer Website: Actos Games

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