AppSales – An exceptional app to get good games (and more) at a bargain

Not sure if you’ve noticed but there is an app called AppSales that has been floating around for a few months now that tracks drops in prices of games and apps on Google Play. For avid Android gamers, AppSales obviously comes in handy to get games at a lower than usual price.

For starters, AppSales is a free app by German developers As of yet, it is still in Beta. It has a clean design, and a plus is that it is devoid of advertisements.

Indeed, if you trawl through Android websites on a daily basis, you’d probably come to know of well-known games that go on sale anyways. But as things stand, not every game or app – especially the more obscure ones – that goes on sale will be featured on Android websites.

It’s worth noting that only quality games and apps are featured in AppSales, each with a minimum of 100 downloads, a Google Play rating of at least 3.5 and a minimum 25% discount level.

AppSales Features:

– Notifications about new sales
– Customize your own filter (downloads, rating, discount)
– Price before/after comparison
– Description and link to Google Play page plus other assets like YouTube trailer
– Tags (hot, expired, info)
– Share with friends and colleagues

I have personally been using this app for quite some time now, and have gotten myself some really good deals in the process. Based on my experience, it catalogs apps that go on sale on an almost real-time basis. It is also constantly updated, with new features being added every so often. With it still being in Beta, there are bound to be more improvements over time such as advanced filters and a refined sale-tracking algorithm.

For now, head over to Google Play and download AppSales for free, and start saving those hard earned cash of yours.

Google Play Link: AppSales

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