Archero beginner’s guide: Tips and tricks to survive the endless dungeon

Archero Android

Archero is like The Binding of Isaac but an endless version in which you battle as many monsters and bosses as you can until you inevitably fall in battle.

Death is not the end though. You can spend coins you collect throughout your adventure on a variety of permanent upgrades that make your next run a lot easier.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a bunch of tips and tricks to help you get to grips with this new adventure.

Archero beginner’s guide:

  • Dodge after the projectile is fired: Don’t try and pre-empt where a projectile will go, as it basically aims for the last position you stood in. Instead, wait for it to fire then move.
  • Offence is the best defence: When selecting upgrades, always pick the option that boosts your damage. Ultimately, the best route to survival in this game is to clear enemies as quickly as possible while avoiding the return fire. You get health back from killing certain enemies anyway.
  • Grab an upgrade or two: After a run, head straight on over to the upgrade tab and see if you can purchase a new one. These are permanent and will help you last longer during subsequent runs.
  • Consider skill combos: Lots of skills actually combine really well together. For example, multi-shot combines really well with ricochet to create an intensely powerful AoE effect. You can also double down on DoTs with flame and poison arrows.
  • Positioning is key: Consider your positioning. You don’t want to be attacked from all angles, so it’s best to try and get your back to a wall but give yourself enough space to move quickly.

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