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Arena Allstars is Your Next Auto-Battler Fix

Arena Allstars is an auto-battler. That means the battles play out automatically, while you take on the role of military planner, hurriedly getting your army of heroes ready before sending them off to fight. 

Developed by Match Set Games, the game involves going up against seven other human opponents in a series of quick battles to see who can come out on top. It’s like a sort of strategy version of Fortnite, with a single winner taking all. 

Your job is to buy heroes, expand your team by spending gold on XP, choose which heroes to combine and send into battle, work out the best way to exploit Synergies, look after your pets, and more. Commanding an army is no picnic, and to make matters worse you’ve got to squeeze your machinations into a tiny window of time, before the clock counts down. 

Fortunately there’s a practice mode, where you can practice your tactics against the AI before plunging into the Solo Free-for-All and competing with your peers. There’s a Team Co-Op Mode, too, which lets you partner up with a like-minded warmonger. 

Arena Allstars is exactly the kind of game we love playing on mobile, with intuitive touchscreen controls, crisp visuals, and quick, action-packed matches.

Global competition

While short and sharp is the name of the game, you can go bigger by taking part in monthly tournaments. These see players from all around the world competing for the top spots on the leaderboards, with winners taking away loot. 

And it’s not just winners that win. You’ll earn trophies and gold just for getting involved. 

Arena Allstars boasts a vast menagerie of fantasy monsters and other assorted heroes. They represent several different classes and races, and they all have their own unique abilities. That makes for surprisingly deep tactical gameplay, since there a billions of possible combinations. 

You can download Arena Allstars now on Google Play and the App Store

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