City Rider Series Outfits Coming Soon To Arknights Global!

featured image for our news on Arknights City Rider series outfits. It features Exusai and Croissant in their respective outfits. they are in a KFC-like set-up, holding chicken buckets. we can see tables behind them which have burgers and other KFC items.

Some cool skins in Arknights are heading your way. After the Chinese servers, the ‘City Rider’ skin collection will soon drop for the global server. Yep, these outfits first popped up between November 11th and 19th in 2019 exclusively in China. Keep reading to know more about the Arknights City Rider series outfits.

What’s Arknight City Rider Series Outfits?

The Arknights City Rider series outfits collection features skins for the operators Exusiai, Ifrit and Croissant. Originally, these skins were part of a promotional deal with KFC China. The deal required players to purchase chicken meals, receive a promotional code, and then unlock Exusiai and Croissant’s City Rider skins. For Ifrit’s skin, players just had to knock out some in-game missions.

Down the road, in January 2024, the gamers over in Japan got the nod that they’d be next in line to dress their operators in these spiffy get-ups. Additionally, in the same month, the Arknights Global team announced that they were working to bring the Arknights City Rider series outfits to the EN servers.

Now, the latest tweet on X (Twitter) by the Arknights Global team points to social media events as the new way to nab these skins. Most probably, we wouldn’t need to buy any chicken buckets to get them. This makes sense when you think about the hassle of lining up for promotions. You can catch that tweet right here if you want to see it for yourself:

Ever Played Arknights?

Published by Yostar and developed by Hypergryph, the game landed on mobile back in January 2020. If you want to recruit and train a bunch of Operators, get your hands on the game from the Google Play Store.

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