Arknights x Monster Hunter Collab Brings New Characters and Skins

feature image for our arknights monster hunter collab news article, the image features promo art for the event with characters from the game, including the new 6 star character as she wields her weapon, and a dragon breathing fire, as well as a character in full armor

An Arknights x Monster Hunter collab is just around the corner! Two top-rated franchises combine in a brilliant event that brings new skins, banners, and more. Arknights is arguably one of the most popular gacha games, with an incredibly loyal fanbase that adores the game. 

We’re pretty excited about the fact that the stylish gacha is collaborating with one of the biggest game series. Monster Hunter is and always has been a fantastic series, and similarly to Arknights, it’s got an avid fan base. 

Arknights x Monster Hunter Banners

Firstly, let’s take a look at the new banners for the Arknights x Monster Hunter collab. From March 7 to March 21, you can pull on the limited banner “Sharpened by Flame”. This banner includes the six star Specialist Kirin x Yato, and the five star Guard Rathalos S Noir Corne. Additionally, there is also a new one star called Terra Research Commission. We recommend saving your currency for this banner as they are event-only characters.

New Skins

The collaboration also brings three new cosmetic skins to the game, featuring an EPOQUE skin for Scene, Minut, and Suzuran. Mint can wear the Tsukiyoi skin, Suzuran wears the Yukibare skin, and Scene can obtain the Betsushi skin. You can also grab one star Flinger Palicos as the event welfare operator! Terra Research Commisson also gets the Fly into the Street skin.

What Else is There in the Arknights x Monster Hunter Collab?

There’s also a handy login event where you can obtain free rewards, including a Sharpened by Flame Headhunting Ticket just by logging in every day. This event ends on March 21, so make sure you remember to log in daily. 

During this event there is also a skin rerun, where past skins return to the costume shop. The skins available here are Raythean Strike Schwarz for Skyline which costs 18 OP, and Raythean Striker Liskarm for Overload – which is also 18 OP.

The shops also includes a sale on packs, featuring a variety of resources and event an avatar! The Sharpened by Flame Chip Pack is also on sale and is full of useful resources such as:

  • 5 Specialist Chips
  • 4 Specialist Dual Chips
  • 25 Skill Summary 2
  • 45 Skill Summary 3
  • 10 Skill Summary 1

For more information about the game, you can visit the official website. Download the game now on Google Play!

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