Arknights x Monster Hunter Brings Limited Time Characters to the Roster

feature image for our arknights monster hunter collab news, the image features official promo art for the event with the limited time obtainable characters posing with their weapons and armor, there are also classic monster hunter characters such as a large dragon and a cat wearing a monacle

The latest Arknights x Monster Hunter collab starts on September 7, titled “A Flurry to the Flame”! The event will run until September 28, so make sure you log in frequently to reap the rewards. And, if you’re completely new to the game, it’s a great time to finally dive in.

For more information about Arknights, visit the game’s official website or download Arknights on Google Play.

2 Phases

Carrying on from above, if you’re starting Arknights from fresh, you’ll need to complete missions up until 1-10 in the main storyline to unlock the Arknights x Monster Hunter collaboration content. This shouldn’t take too long, so you won’t fall too far behind before the end of the event.

The event stages will only be available for a limited time, so it’s best to obtain these rewards before September 28 so you don’t miss out. Clearing the event stages in each phase will help to complete the Roka Village Quest Board. 

  • Soubo Mountains Event Stage Phase 1 – September 7 to September 21
  • Commeowsion Counter Event Stage Phase 2  – September 14 to September 28

The Rewards!

So, what rewards are available during the Arknights x Monster Hunter collaboration?

  • Terra Research Commission
  • Module Materials
  • Melding Materials
  • Terra Research Commission’s Tokens
  • Momiji Hotel Furniture Pieces
  • Headhunting Permits
  • Elite Materials
  • LMD
  • Battle Records
  • Furniture Parts
  • And more!

New Characters and Outfits

Additionally, a key thing to note is that the two characters on the Limited Headhunting banner will not be put on the Standard Headhunting banners after the event has ended. These Operators are Kirin R Yato and Rathalos S Noir Corne – both 5-stars!

Furthermore, you can also obtain brand-new outfits in the Outfit Store, that can be purchased with real money. The Crossover Collection features urban-style streetwear and the traditional-style Epoque outfits will be available to buy. The Raythean Striker series is also getting a re-edition between September 7 and September 21.

  • CROSSOVER – Fly into the Street for Terra Research Commission
  • EPOQUE – Yukibare for Suzuran
  • EPOQUE – Tsukiyoi for Mint
  • EPOQUE – Betsushi for Scene

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