Arknights Third Anniversary Brings Special Gifts And Events

The featured image for our Arknights Third Anniversary news article, featuring an Arknights operator getting into a fighting stance, holding two swords. The background reveals a snow covered forest.

Hypergryph has a special anniversary event in-store for Arknights’ next update, giving us a bunch of new content to soak up. The event will introduce a new character, Savage, who will be free to claim as soon as the update hits on January 13.

Savage is a fitting name for her character; she’s highly rated, coming in at five stars. Claiming a new S tier character is for sure the best way to celebrate the epic three year run of Arknights. But wait – there’s more…

Gifts Galore

Along with Savage, Hypergryph has been generous enough to shower you in free goodies and gifts. The Special Appreciation Gift will give you a plethora of items as a token of gratitude from the studio.

A few aesthetic gifts have been thrown in, too. You can redeem a new main title background by doing as little as logging in! There’s also several banners up for grabs.

The Coral Coast package introduces some tasteful new skins for Surtr, Lapluma, and Elysium. The appearances at hand are Colourful Wonderland CW03 for Surtr, Summer Flowers FA210 for Lapluma, and Shimmering Dew SDm11 for Elysium.

You can check out the full list of what’s to come in the Arknights Third Anniversary event on the game’s official website.

A Long-Running Gacha?

Arknights was released in China on May 1 in 2019 and shortly after, it was released globally in January the following year. Arknights’ popularity has managed to stabalise, and it’s possible that it could become a long-running gacha game.

It might already be argued that it is a long-running gacha already, due to many gacha’s dying shortly after their release.

There’s no worries that Arknights will be leaving us anytime soon, though. The game’s popularity has already spawned an anime adaptation, Prelude to Dawn, which aired in October of 2022 in Japan. It’s safe to say the beloved gacha will be sticking around for a little longer…

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