You Can Soon Cook Monsters In Arknights During The Dungeon Meshi Crossover!

Arknights x Dungeon Meshi

Hypergryph just dropped some big news for Arknights China players. A crossover with the beloved ‘cooking’ anime, Dungeon Meshi will soon be out! The announcement came during Arknights CN’s 5th Anniversary Livestream on Bilibili. So, what’s in store for the Arknights x Dungeon Meshi crossover? Keep reading to find out!

Arknights x Dungeon Meshi Is All About… Cooking?

Well, first things first. Let’s give you a quick lowdown on the events and things happening during the crossover. Senshi from Dungeon Meshi will be one of the collaboration characters. And if history repeats itself, we might just get more familiar faces from the Dungeon Meshi joining the Arknights world.

So, who else from Dungeon Meshi might show up? Marcille? Izutsumi? The possibilities are as wide as the dungeon itself! Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact launch date of the Arknights x Dungeon Meshi crossover yet.

By the way, the announcement of the crossover was accompanied by a quirky stop-motion video of ‘Dokutah’ whipping up some originium slugs. If you want to check it out, you can head over to the official Bilibili page of Arknights.

If you play the game on the global servers, don’t fret. With the gap between CN and global events, you’re probably looking at roughly a year before you can sink your teeth into the Arknights x Dungeon Meshi collaboration!

What’s Dungeon Meshi?

It’s a Japanese manga series about four friends Laios, Chilchuck, Falin and Marcille. During their journey through the depths of a dungeon, they stumble upon Senshi. He turns monster parts into mouthwatering meals as they brave traps, monsters and more in their quest. It’s a tale of survival, friendship, and the unlikeliest of culinary adventures.

Do you play Arknights? If not, get the game from the Google Play Store. Also, before you leave, check out our latest scoop. Help Six And Mono Escape The Oletus Manor In The Identity V x Little Nightmares Crossover.

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