Armor Games Announces Soda Dungeon 2, Out Now in Early Access

Soda Dungeon 2, the sequel to Armor Games’s popular RPG Soda Dungeon, is out now in early access. The final version is due on July the 9th.

The game sees you running a tavern that’s conveniently situated near a dungeon. Naturally, your business is a magnet for heroes and adventurers in search sustenance prior to the carnage.

Your job is to exploit these intrepid adventurers, or “soda junkies”, persuading them to plunder the dungeon and return with stuff that you can use to upgrade your tavern, in turn attracting a higher class of warrior. And so the cycle continues.

You’ll encounter “trumpeting skeletons, angry chefs, Dark Lords, Darker Lords, and a fairy that is just really, really trying her best.”

That description should give the gist of what to expect in terms of tone. You can download Soda Dungeon 2 for free right now on Google Play.

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