Arrange colors to align with the spectrum in I Love Hue, coming soon to Android

For my money, I seem to be finding a lot of variety within the puzzler format, as of late. Take for example, I Love Hue. This game, brought to us by Zut!, is about arranging blocks of colors into a particular spectrum. While players can check out the trailer to see what I mean, the idea behind the game is simple.

Players begin with a grid that is comprised of colors, all arranged in squares, with the goal being that of organizing them from red at one corner, to blue in the opposite corner, with secondary colors such as green and purple, being found in between. Each of the squares is a slightly different shade, and when a particular round begins, they are out of order to some degree. Players will be swapping the location of any two colored squares, until the spectrum is effectively restored, flowing properly from one end to the other.

I Love Hue Features:

– Relaxing, meditative gameplay
– Minimalist, beautiful aesthetics
– Hundreds of levels
– Multiple play modes
– Social features and game network integration

I Love Hue is set to be released this Fall, sometime in October or November. I Love Hue will be released for free, and will include optional IAPs as well. Players can check out the trailer below, to see how the game actually works in the meantime.

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