Artibus releases a comic style MMORPG called Angry Heroes Online

A new MMORPG has arrived on Google Play a few days ago called Angry Heroes Online. Developed by Artibus, this game is definitely a more cartoon / comic style of game in terms of visual than most other MMORPGs available right now. Set in a fantasy world, this game features plenty of humor mixed in with the gameplay in a variety of ways.

For an MMORPG, this is a pretty laid back title or at least it feels like it when you play it. Basically you start off with your hero, fighting against the forces of evil. You’ll be completing quests, playing mini-games, defeating bosses and playing with a bunch of other people as well. As with any MMORPG, there are plenty of items, weapons and armor to get your hands on as well.

Angry Heroes Online Features:

● The game is a MMORPG fantasy genre, featuring premium comic-style art awesome visual effects.
● An unique balance system allows thousands of players to challenge each other online.
● Innovative in-game economy, that balances the strong and weak players in a single game world.
● Over 300 types of cool items which can be used in millions of unique combinations.
● Hundreds of different quests.
● Dozens of cool bosses.
● Co-operative multiplayer, enabling groups to fight each other or against computer generated opponents.

There is co-op multiplayer so you’ll be able to group up with other people in order to battle it out with other groups of players or just computer opponents. While the game has plenty of PvE content to go through, the real meat of the game comes in with all the PvP combat you can take part in. You can grab a copy of Angry Heroes Online off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Angry Heroes Online

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