ArtOfBytes releases their new defense game Night of the Living Dead Defense HD

ArtOfBytes, developers of the very popular tower defense game GRave Defense and all it’s variations, have finally released their newest game we reported on near the end of October called Night of the Living Dead Defense HD. As you may have guessed, it is themed around the movie Night of the Living Dead.

In Night of the Living Dead Defense HD, you will be going up against endless waves of zombies that you will need to massacre in order to survive. Each of the 8 maps will be unique are require you to re-think your strategy and tactics for each one. The ‘towers’ are actually in the form of human survivors of the zombie apocalypse, some of which sport some pretty crazy weaponry such as Bazookas. There are 12 different gunners available to help you survive.


Night of the Living Dead Defense HD Features:

  • Updated and improved GRave Defense HD gameplay!
  • Amazing high-res graphics–all levels, gunners, zombies, special effects, and achievements are in HD!
  • Music and images from the terrifying original movie!
  • Online ranking system!
  • Four difficulty modes, from Casual to INSANE!
  • NEW Tactical Pause mode during the battle!
  • NEW multi-screen levels in HD!
  • NEW achievements, zombies, and gunners!
  • NEW military ranks with visually upgrading gunners!
  • NEW Survival and Tutorial Modes!
  • NEW visible monster paths–see where creeps are going to travel next!
  • NEW visible gunner states and cooldowns! Improved gunner states prompt an ever-changing battle plan!
  • NEW displays–shows money earned for each creep killed!
  • NEW animated briefings!
  • IMPROVED help section!


Like we mentioned, this game is based off of George Romero’s cult classic horror flick, Night of the Living Dead but done in a way that only ArtOfBytes could have done. They did a great job on GRave Defense so if you haven’t tried their games out yet, now is a good time to do so. If you have and are a fan of GRave Defense, you should probably nab this new game as well. Currently it is on sale for $0.99 for a limited time.

On a side note: This was published by SGN so when you go to the Android Market and see the developer’s name as SGN Android, that would be why but it is the real deal. No idea why they decided to publish through SGN but hey, at least we have the game now.

Developer Website: ArtOfBytes

Android Market Link: Night of the Living Dead Defense HD

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