Ascending pinball: A simple concept executed well and is now available for download

Oops! Studios has given us their take on pinball. With sequentially rising pairs of paddles you have one task; keep the ball above them. It’s an interesting spin on an old standby, one that I happen to love. The old and the new, to be clear.

The controls are minimal. Tap the left or the right side of the screen anywhere, and magic happens. One area where Oops! Games nailed it is the aesthetic. With monochromatic level design and no flashing obnoxious ads, it’s truly the most Zen pinball I can imagine. I wish the same could be said for the music, but it would be more suited to a 70’s adult film. Something a little more soothing and less electronic would have been nice, but I just played with the volume off. Still though, I like the click of the paddles. An option to disable the music (but not mute all sound) would be nice.

Free to play with no IAP, the ads are there if you want them. You can earn stars or extra balls for watching videos, but in my time playing I didn’t have any thrust upon me. 70’s porn pun intended. Point is, I really liked this little game.

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