Ascension Online’s Kickstarter has begun, already $47K into it

Last week we talked about Stone Blade who were going to throw up a quick Kickstarter campaign to get funding for an Android version of Ascension and Ascension Online. Technically it is one title with Ascension referring to the single player campaign while Ascension Online is referring to the online multiplayer portion of the game. Officially it is just called Ascension Online.

For those of you who missed our article last week regarding this game, Ascension is a deck building strategy game with RPG elements layered onto it in regards to the single players campaign portion that is. As the story goes, Ascension takes place in Vigil where the Fallen One has begun terrorizing the lands with his army of evil minions. You are charged with going out onto the lands with your little band of militia and apprentices in order to recruit more fighters and hopefully building a powerful army which you will then use to destroy the Fallen One.

When the game is released onto Android it will feature only the single player campaign at first. Multiplayer, including online tournaments for prizes, will arrive in an update shortly after that. That’s not to say the developers couldn’t squeeze it in at launch.

Their Kickstarter campaign started today and is only lasting for 10 days, ending on the 28th of February 2013. Already in the first hours it’s been live, Ascension Online has gotten $47,225 (at the time of this being written) so reaching the $125,000 goal shouldn’t be an issue. Still, if you want to throw a couple of buck at them to help out, hit up the link below. You can watch their pitch video above.

Website Referenced: Ascension Online Kickstarter

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