Aspyr’s games have stopped working on Android 8

Aspyr Android

According to an Android Gaming Reddit post, Aspyr Media’s library of ports has stopped working on the latest version of Android. This includes Star Wars: The Old RepublicJade Empire, and Fahrenheit.

Digging further, it seems like some users have resorted to rolling back their phones to a previous version of Android. This seems to have fixed the issue.

It’s not clear why Aspyr’s collection of titles no longer works on Android Oreo. With no word from the publisher itself, we’re not even sure we’ll see a resolution.

Aspyr’s library no longer supports the latest version of Android

In all likelihood, this is simply a compatibility issue. Again, we’re just guessing, but the reason we haven’t seen a fix yet could be due to the age of the titles, and declining sales.

Updates can prove quite costly. If it doesn’t look like a return will be made on those costs, then publishers might not deem it worth the effort.

Still, it’s a real shame for those that bought the titles and can no longer play them. Or, even worse, bought them without realising they wouldn’t work.

Google will give you a refund within 48 hours of purchase, but if you’ve left it longer than that it’s worth getting in touch with Aspyr Media directly. You can submit a ticket here.

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