ASTRA: Knights of Veda Unveils a Content-Packed 2024 Roadmap!

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Developer Youngmo Kim of ASTRA: Knights of Veda recently unveiled the roadmap for the rest of 2024, which is packed with exciting updates, features, and challenges.

Here’s a look at what’s coming to ASTRA: Knights of Veda May onwards:

It’s Gonna’ Be May!

If you’re struggling to find a party for that dungeon crawl, No sweat! The new Dungeon Matchmaking feature beginning May 16th pairs you with fellow Masters itching to conquer the same challenges. The Quick Invite function lets you quickly bring them back into the fold.

Additionally, there are double the Rewards in Adventure Zones in May and throughout the update. That means more loot and faster progression for your Knights of Veda.

Are you tired of crafting enchantments and sockets one at a time? This update introduces automatic crafting in enchantment/socket crafting options from May 30th! Set it and forget it – the system takes care of the busywork, freeing you up to conquer dungeons and battle opponents.

June Wanna Know What’s Happening In July?

You can test your mettle in the War God’s Battlefield, an ancient arena where legendary warriors once clashed. Here, your Knights of Veda step out of the Book to engage in strategic party-based combat. You must assemble a five-knight squad and defeat your opponent’s defenders to claim the coveted War God’s Halo.

Starting June 27th some familiar Adventure Zones will be mutated, introducing new dangers. With the War God’s Battlefield at your disposal, you can take on these altered dungeons as a member of an elite four-knight party. You can even take direct control of any knight on the fly for more strategic action.

From July 11th, The Portrait of Thierry introduces a daunting roguelike dungeon with 27 difficulty levels to test your skills. You get to experiment with different heroes and strategize your way through to earn consequential set accessories and the coveted El Cid item.

The Auto Use Food system also lets you group and select three foods at a time from July 25th. This streamlines applying buffs to your knights, keeping you focused on the fight.

August New Guild Features Foster Camaraderie!

The future is bright for guilds! The Guild Dimension Gate discloses a dedicated space for members to gather, chat, and collaborate on exclusive adventures. Watch for upcoming guild events and content to bring your guild closer together.

Additionally, you also get Golden City Raid from the August 22nd! Join forces with the enigmatic Nec to revisit the Neejarem of the past. You can challenge six fallen heroes who now walk the path of darkness. This raid demands strategic party compositions and powerful combinations to overcome these corrupted foes. A new relic set and amazing rewards await victorious Masters of the Book.

September Through October (I Ran Out Of Puns)

Hell Mode Boss Battles test your teamwork and strategy to the limit. These nearly unbearable battles demand cooperation in parties to arise victoriously. Guild Treasure Chests also unlock in September, offering more opportunities to score loot with your guildmates.

The advent of a fresh season introduces intriguing novelties, regions, and systems for investigation. The return of the World Boss will bring with it even more formidable obstacles and epic conflicts.

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If you want to join and be a part of this community, you can get the game on Google Play and check out their official website for more details on the ASTRA: Knights of Veda 2024 update roadmap!

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