Astra: Knights of Veda Looks Like Darkest Dungeon Meets Diablo

An archer battling an undead monster in Astra: Knights of Veda.

The upcoming 2D RPG Astra: Knights of Veda got a brand new gameplay showcase at Gamescom this year, and you can check it out right now on YouTube.

It reveals exactly what you can expect when the game launches on Android, and it’s impressive stuff. Visually, it looks like a comic book come to life, in a vein similar to Darkest Dungeon, but with Diablo-style combat.

The trailer shows off a number of different characters as they fight back hordes of the undead. It includes a greatsword-wielding warrior, stylish archer, and a warrior that wields a giant hammer and the power of ice.

Those who like wizard-types will be pleased to see the flamethrow-throwing sorcerer character. It seems that each unlockable character combines an element of choice and a different weapon.

What’s Astra: Knights of Veda About?

In terms of plot, the game seems a lot more deep than we’d expect from a game like this. It takes place on the world of Planis, and sees you team up to overthrow the mad king, Magnus, as you strive to save the world.

As you do so, you will explore a wide variety of environments, though most take place in dark, medieval fantasy environments. Along the way, you battle as a wide variety of characters, who each have their own fighting style.

You can play solo, or with up to three other players in co-op, and each of you can play as a different character. You can dodge roll to avoid attacks, unleash your own, and throw out elemental skills with wild abandon.

If you’re more into PVP, there’s an arena you can face other players in. Again, you can do so alone or with your friends, and there’s a ladder to climb to show off your feats.

Should I Play It?

Mobile is no stranger to a gacha game, but Astra: Knights of Veda does look set to break the mold with a deep combat system, wide variety of characters, and an intriguing story. That’s without mentioning the fantastic art style.

You can learn more about it on Steam. Astra: Knights of Veda is coming to Android, but the Google Play page hasn’t appeared yet. Keep posted and we’ll let you know when it’s set to drop.

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