Astral Commander now available – Traffic control game with a great sci-fi twist

All your traffic control style game lovers out there have something to be happy about. Instead of the usual ‘do not let accidents happen’ type of traffic control, whether it is with cars or airplanes, Astral Commander throws in a sci-fi twist with robots and Starcraft style mining goals. Control your robots, collect mines to complete each stage!

A refreshing twist to what was becoming a rather tired genre of gaming, Astral Commander has you plotting the course for each robot on screen, passing over mines to collect them before having your robots wander off screen to safety. Controls are identical to previous traffic control games, drag your finger from your robot, through the mines you want to collect. Change course if you are going to run into another one of your robots though!


  • Great top-down 3D-ish graphics
  • Original sounds
  • Touch screen controls
  • Sci-fi twist to the traffic control genre
  • 4 Survival modes
  • 20 missions across 4 planets in Campaign mode
  • Global high scores
  • Apps2SD support


Not only do you have to worry about your own robots crashing into eachother while collecting the mines, you have to worry about your enemy gaining a full energy bar before you which adds another level of gameplay to Astral Commander. You’ll also have to dodge enemy robots trying to steal your mines as well or better yet, open fire on them!

This game goes far beyond what a traffic control type of game is suppose to offer and meshes in RTS gaming. Anyone who enjoys RTS games or traffic control games will really enjoy this one, regardless if you sit down and blaze through it or take your time with it. You can pick up Astral Commander off the Android Market for $1.97 or try it out for free in the Lite version.

Developer Website: Net Mobile AG

Direct Market Link: Astral Commander

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