AstroSucker is a newly released classic-style arcade shooter for Android

Released by Vitamina Factory, AstroSucker is a classic-style arcade shooter for Android. Players will fire continually, as they strafe in all four directions (up, down, left, and right), while enemy ships approach from the top of the screen. Players will see how long they can survive, dodging and shooting enemies, while progressing in levels.

You will be able to pickup various power-ups for your ship that are dropped when an alien ship is destroyed, and they come in two colors. The blue ones will enhance the ship’s weapons, and the green ones refill a tank that allows players to perform something called a “time shift”. This slows down time and allows the player to take the upper hand for a brief moment.

The game’s controls are touch-based, so one finger controls where the ship moves, while a second finger triggers the time shift. You will run endlessly until the starfighter collides with an alien craft, or fifty alien crafts make it past the player’s star fighter. The game’s achievements and leaderboards are integrated through Google Play Games.

AstroSucker is offered for free from Google Play with no additional IAPs. You can check out some of the gameplay with the trailer below.

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