New Atelier Resleriana Gameplay Showcases Game Mechanics But Still Leaves A Lot of Mystery

feature image for our atelier resleriana gameplay news, the image features a screenshot from the gameplay of resleriana using an axe to chop a tree on the beach, she has a stern facial expression as palm trees and other trees swap in the breeze

We reported about the upcoming Atelier gacha game not too long ago, and we now have a short clip of gameplay to dive into. It’s only one minute long, but it gives us a glimpse into what the game will bring to the table for Atelier fans.

For more information about Atelier Resleriana, you can visit the game’s official website.

What Does the Gameplay Look Like?

The first trailer that we saw definitely set the scene for Atelier Resleriana, but it was more of a cinematic experience. However, the latest gameplay clip on the game’s official Twitter page showcases gathering, fishing, and fighting. 

We’re still not sure how traversing the map will look like, but it looks like you can interact with the world around you. A neat little cutscene plays when you harvest materials, which you can skip via the button at the top of the screen if you’re not a fan of animations breaking up your gameplay. 

Strolling across the sandy beach to fish is followed by another animation, which signifies that these short cutscenes may play every time you do an action – this isn’t always the most efficient if you’re farming certain materials and ingredients. 

A Stylistic Franchise

As our previous article mentions, Atelier Resleriana is clearly a gorgeous-looking game, which is a major trait of the Atelier franchise. Each title features carefully thought-out character designs and attention to detail when it comes to the environment.

The combat looks fantastic and focuses on the more minute details when it comes to the characters involved. For example, facial expressions, voice acting, and the way you wield your weapon to cast magical abilities.
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