Attack of the classic arcade games, Lode Runner announced for the Xperia Play

It seems as though more and more classic arcade games are making their way to Android these days and today is no exception as Sony Ericsson has announced that Lode Runner will be making it’s way over to the Xperia Play soon. This will be another Xperia Play exclusive title which is set to be released in a few months.

Lode Runner, for those of you who missed this game for back in the day, is an arcade puzzle-platformer where you will have to collect all the gold bars in each level. You will have to navigate through each stage that contains multiple levels for you to run through while climbing ladders and avoid guards. As you pass through each stage in the game they will get increasingly more complex and difficult. Lode Runner was originally launched back in the ’80s for systems such as the Commodore 64 and ended up being quite popular.

Lode Runner for the Xperia Play will be officially called Lode Runner X and is being developed by Tozai Games who are responsible for the Xbox Live version of Lode Runner X. It is receiving an overhaul when it comes to the graphics (as seen in the Xbox Live version) bringing a more of a modern take to the game, but it will retain all the great gameplay mechanics found in the original Lode Runner. Xperia Play owners will be able to get Lode Runner X sometime in November when it launches. No word just yet on pricing or if this will come to other Android devices yet.

Developer Website: Tozai Games

Website Referenced: Sony Ericsson Blog

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