Available Now in the Play Store: Destiny: A Companion App for the Console Game by Bungie, Inc.

Colossal is one of many words that can be used to describe the game that will be released 09.09.2014. Bungie’s latest project Destiny will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.  The game will be grand in scale to say the least. If there ever were a need for a companion app for a game, this would be the game. You are in luck because the companion app is available now in the Play Store, which coincides with the launch of the Beta that has just begun.

If you haven’t heard about the game yet, here is how Bungie/Activision describe it. “Destiny combines Bungie’s trademark grand scope, sci-fi storytelling and adventures with visceral first-person action gaming that takes place in an unfolding, cinematic universe. Additionally, Destiny delivers a unique social gaming experience to consoles by offering players a connected, living world that they can explore, combined with vibrant social spaces where they can congregate and celebrate achievements, and share remarkable adventures grouped with friends or solo.– Bungie

The game is a first person shooter. Anyone that has ever played Halo knows that Bungie is more than adept in producing exciting and tension filled battles on a large scale. Your role in the game is a Guardian. As a Guardian you are tasked with exploring the abandoned ruins of an ancient human civilization that has been overtaken by your enemy, known in the game as The Darkness.

Destiny Companion App Features:

– Connects to your Destiny adventure wherever life finds you.
– Inspect your Guardian
– Analyze player stats and compare Grimoire score
– Keep in touch with your friends in the Bungie Community via forums, groups, or private messaging and track them down on the Xbox LIVE or PlayStation Network
– Receive the latest news and updates about Destiny.

The app is extremely fluid in operation and provides a great deal of information of how the game world and social interactivity will work upon final release. If you are lucky enough to have access to the beta you can see how it works with the game. (Note: You do not have to be part of the beta to download the companion app.)

How do you gain access to the beta? You must pre-order the game from participating retailers. The schedule for the beta is as follows:

– On PS4 and PS3, the Destiny Beta will begin on July 17th at 10 AM PDT.
– On Xbox One and Xbox 36o, the Destiny Beta will begin on July 23rd at 10 AM PDT.
– The Destiny Beta will be OFFLINE for maintenance on all systems from July 21st and July 22nd PDT.
– The Destiny Beta will close at the end of the day on July 26th PDT.

If you are as excited as we are about this title, check out the Official Destiny E3 Trailer: New Beginnings below. You can download the Destiny companion app off of the Play Store now for free. For all things Bungie or Destiny related, check out  You will be glad you did!

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