Available Now in the Play Store: Gear Jack Black Hole Rolls into the Play Store

If you enjoy endless runners with a higher dash of difficulty, then we have the game for you. The sequel to Piwot Games’ Gear Jack, published by Crescent Moon Games has recently arrived in the Play Store. If you enjoyed the first game, then get ready for another dose of artistic graphics, rolling, jumping and creeping through level after level of challenges.

Crescent Moon Games has published a number of really good games for Android users. A few of the games you can find in the Play Store include: Shadow Blade, Neon Shadow, Gear Jack, Paper Monsters, Ravensword: Shadowlands 3D, Slingshot Racing and Blocky Roads just to name a few. Gear Jack Black Hole picks up right where Gear Jack left off… that is, you start the game running for your life.

Gear Jack is back in an all new endless adventure with beautifully stylized graphics! Jack is trapped inside the Black Hole, and he’s running to save his life. He will travel through time and space to take on lethal alien enemies, crazy traps, and more! To make things worse, his ship, the W. Hale was absorbed by the Black Hole too. Now, all kinds of mechanical traps are floating around in the Black Hole! – Crescent Moon Games

Gear Jack Black Hole Features:

Addicting Endless Runner
– Beautiful and Unique Visual Style
– 5 Worlds (Japan, Iceland, Jungle, Volcanic and Desert) and more coming!
– Power-ups and Mini-Games
– Sneak Around to avoid waking up the alien monsters!
– Talents and Customizations
– Tons of Missions
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Social! Share your gameplay replays and your results!

The graphical style of the game is appealing. The environment is awash with bold and sometimes stark contrasting colors that complement the clean level design. Controlling Jack through the environment only requires a few buttons: jump, roll and creep to slow down time. It all seems straightforward, but this game moves at a pretty good clip.

If you enjoy endless runners and platformers, then you should check out Gear Jack Black Hole. It is available in the Play Store now to download for free. There are in-app purchases with this game. After playing through a few levels a fifteen second video popped up. I am not sure how often this happens, but it does take you out of the game which can be frustrating. Peering through the available store purchases, I did not see where you could unlock the ads for a fixed price. If we come across it we will let you know.

The first Gear Jack was a blast to play and incredibly challenging. Are you up to the latest challenge from Piwot and Crescent Moon Games?

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